Self-service, healthy
vending solutions

The Nutrico Micromarket Solution.

Create a stand-out self service experience, with lots of nutritious options, that customers will love.

What is Nutrico?

Complete micromarket solution providing modern businesses with a self-service kiosk and operation management system

Micromarket Benefits

Why go Nutrico?

The Benefits

  • Stock 10x more product variety that traditional vending solutions
  • Customize offerings per market

  • Increase income up to 50% compared to traditional vending machines

  • Prolong location retention and earn more profit

  • Provide a relaxed, ambient space for customers to enjoy their purchase

  • Increase employee satisfaction by offering convenience, health, and safety

Self service




Convenient solution, unconventional delivery

What can Nutrico offer you

  • Offer intuitive self checkout

    Take advantage of the attractive design of Nutrico self-checkout pay desk and customize it to fit your brand. Let consumers headstart right away with the intuitive 21” touchscreen user interface.

  • Provide various payment methods

    Stay ahead of trends and offer a variety of cashless methods for a better customer experience:

    • Bank cards
    • Mobile wallet apps
    • 3rd party RFID keys or card
  • Support private and public settings

    Attract different types of audiences by supporting closed-loop settings like offices and schools and public and semi-private environments like airports and hospitals.

  • Give additional value

    Increase satisfaction and boost retention with different loyalty programs and smart consumer management:

    • Loyalty promotions
    • Special discounts and vouchers
    • Satisfaction and complaints management
  • Manage products and stock

    Manage your product lists and stock from a central system. Restock your micro markets right in time with automatic replenishment, delivery planning, and prekitting.

  • Automate technical service visits

    Maintain your micro markets with central technical service management. Set up automatic maintenance planning with custom time, priority, and route schedules to avoid breakdowns or errors.

  • Integrate with other systems

    Seamlessly integrate Nutrico with other ERP or fiscal systems.

Nutrico micromarket solution benefits

The complete micromarket solution.

Create your very own
custom micromarket
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