The complete micromarket solution.

Healthy refreshment, self served.

Micromarket solution including a self-service kiosk and operation management system

What is Nutrico?

Complete micromarket solution providing modern businesses with a self-service kiosk and operation management system

Convenient solution, unconventional delivery

Create your micromarket in 3 simple steps.

Choose up to 10 times more products than a standard vending machine using a variety of fridges and shelves. Customize your offering per market and attract customers with special dietary needs.

Style your micro market to best suit your customer needs. Choose your vending and coffee machines, microwaves, refrigerators, and furniture to create a welcoming space for visitors.

Set up your Nutrico account and adjust the settings to achieve your goals. Customize the branding on the self-checkout pay desk, pick the supported payment methods, and choose the preferred user authentication. Manage your product and stock list in the back office.

Combining health, technology, and psychology for better business outcomes

A new recipe for business growth.

Micromarkets are not only about health. They provide new opportunities for business growth.

Why everyone loves our micromarkets.

Health-conscious Professionals

  • Variety of food meeting different dietary needs
  • More healthy choices than in standard machines
  • Improved overall employee wellbeing and nutrition

Management Teams

  • Increased efficiency due to fewer out-of-office lunchbreaks
  • Higher productivity as a result of more nutritious meals
  • Less sick leave due to improved employee wellbeing

Human Resources

  • Increased employee satisfaction and office wellness
  • Positive retention rate over time
  • Higher chances for employee recommendations

The complete micromarket solution.

Create your very own
custom micromarket
in 3 simple steps.